Spatial Enterprise Mobility Essentials – Part 2

User Interface, Simplicity by Design

Over the following weeks a number of parts will be published on LinkedIn covering the following aspects:

In Order of Importance:

  1. Business Outcomes over Technology Drivers – Chicken & Egg
  2. User Interface – Simplicity by Design
  3. Offline capability – the IoT you have, when you haven’t got an IoT
  4. Any to any – do not limit yourself or your Enterprise
  5. Hardware considerations – they do not matter (anymore)
  6. If you cannot wait, you can download the entire paper from here  .

Giving the mobility consumer a bad user interface (UI) experience will mean the end of your mobility project – the end-users will not touch it.

Cramming as many function buttons as possible into nested menu ribbons on a tiny screen is a sure path to disaster – “less is more” – best illustrated by the first version of Microsoft Word developed in 1981.

Since, more and more functionality has been added to the extent that ~80% of people may be using less than ~20% of the functionality, either because that is all they need or because they would not know where to look for the remainder (a search assistant now provides some welcome relief).

Bad UI:

Good UI:

LatLonGO inside Innovapptive

Instead of yesteryear’s monolithic (large, indivisible and slow to change) applications the “app revolution” (small, task specific, easy to change) is widely accepted in in a variety of business use field forces such as utility workers, reporters, police, insurance adjusters, and direct sales.

The key to mass user acceptance is “Simplicity by Design”.

LatLonGO® simplicity has been released for all major platforms

  • natively for Android, iOS, Windows and web browser clients
  • Embedded on-line inside SAP GUI and SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC)
  • Embedded off-line inside SAP SMP/WorkManager (Syclo)
  • Embedded off-line inside Innovapptive/mWorkOrder/RACE
  • Coupled off-line with FulcrumApp Forms
  • Integrated with cableScout

While there are common functionality themes across (Telco, electricity, gas, water, Defence, …) industries there will always be the need to customise extra functionality to fit certain areas of specialisation such as fibre-to-the-home (FTTH), pressure network modelling, etc…

For this reason, the LatLonGO® Software Development Kit (SDK) is highly adaptable for other integration points or application scenarios.