Movilizer and we-do-IT partner in mutual Product Integration

  • Flagship Movilizer and LatLonGO® products to be tightly coupled
  • Synergy of both products will create benefits for mutual customers
  • Integration makes solution an open strategic option for companies in Utilities & Telco

Mannheim, Melbourne 11/8/2014

The Movilizer Enterprise Mobile Platform is the application development platform that helps you reinvent your business.  Mobility delivers business improvement and innovation, but the technology is complex and fast-moving – the Movilizer Platform provides the foundations on which companies can build a mobile strategy without compromising the agility to react to changing requirements quickly.  The Movilizer Enterprise Application Platform is delivered as a multi-tenant cloud service and applications can be developed in any backend and programming framework of choice, as long as they generate the so called Movelets, Movilizer’s building-blocks for mobile applications. When presenting these to the Movilizer platform, it transforms them into applications that are distributed to the end-user and that run in a secure container app on any of the 9 supported mobile channels.

The LatLonGO® GIS agnostic, SAP certified ERP Mobility Solution is at the forefront of enabling the Spatial Enterprise by providing “any data on any server to any client – anytime (offline)”.  The LatLonGO® mobility solution is a powerful geo-centric mobile integration platform to any other enterprise information system.  The certified integration with the SAP Plant Maintenance module makes Technical Object Hierarchy, Work orders, Notifications and Operations easily accessible through the SAP Netweaver Gateway and a natural native app client user interface using maps, therefore greatly enhancing field user productivity.

Movilizer CEO Alberto Zamora explains the value of the partnership

We realised the enormous potential and benefits for our customers in the utilities & telco space in bringing these two solutions together into a seamless integrated platform, when we first met during the E-world Conference in Essen, Germany in February

while Dr Walter Hesse, CEO of we-do-IT added

LatLonGO® provides the end-user with a system for distributing spatial Enterprise data to any touch client mobile device (iPad, Android, Windows8 tablets) as well as clients.  LatLonGO® compresses, encrypts and distributes data, allowing users to work in sometimes connected mode.  Adding the very powerful Build/Deploy/Run Movilizer capability to this offering is a tremendous value-add and will save us a great deal of our own integration layer development”.

About Movilizer

Movilizer is a leading European Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that allows companies to reinvent their mobile business. Movilizer allows enterprises to develop new business models and support business innovation processes by making any process available on any mobile device or platform. Movilizer offers its platform and applications as a service with enterprise-grade security, infinite scalability, zero-infrastructure requirements and fully future-proof.  Movilizer has more than 100 multi-nationals using the platform and operates in more than 30 countries with more than 1.5m transactions per day.  Movilizer has its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany, and staff in Germany, UK, Benelux, France, Spain and the Nordics.

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About we-do-IT

we-do-IT offers full life-cycle support to global clients in telecommunication, electricity, gas, and water utility industries and specialise in FTTx Physical Network Inventory (PNI) development, training and support.  Over nearly 20 years, we have worked on every Utility/Telco Business System Integration aspect imaginable and have accumulated a vast specialised domain knowledge base.  We source best-of-breed technology and like-minded International partners to fulfil our customer’s needs.  Our GIS agnostic, SAP Certified ERP Mobility Solution LatLonGO® has been sold to major electricity, gas and telco customers totalling 3.2m connection points.  we-do-IT has it’s headquarters in Melbourne and staff in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Europe and India.