LatLonGO® allows for the creation of free-hand or structured drawings that can be associated with notes, photos, voice recordings and GPS.

Redlines are synchronised with the server for instant web client review and also the back-end GIS for skilled operator follow-up.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Redlining


LatLonGO® provides Smallworld internal world support:

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Smallworld Internal


LatLonGO® supports Smallworld schematic worlds:

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Smallworld Schematic

Network Tracing

LatLonGO® supports generic GIS Network Tracing.

The client is able to trace network segments off-line to identify electricity network up-stream devices or highlight water network shut-off blocks, for example.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Network Tracing

Client App Integration

One of the many advantages of the LatLonGO® touch client is the easy integration of existing tablet functionality such as sharing via Mail, Twitter, screen capture, print or copy:

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Share Options

LatLonGO® can invoke other apps on the tablet, for example TomTom for off-line street navigation.

This process works also in reverse, for example the SAP/Syclo Work Manager or other apps can be configured to request the display of a LatLonGO® feature on a map by address, feature ID or coordinate.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS TomTom Navigation

Google Integration

StreetView, Google on-line Street Navigation, free text search across the entire data base or by seamless Google address search, permalinks, etc… are standard.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Street View Integration

GeoRSS Support

GeoRSS location content consists of geographical points, lines, and polygons of interest and related feature descriptions consumed by LatLonGO®.

Web Client Support

The web client interface is identical to the mobile app version, except for tablet specific functions such as camera, GPS or voice recording.

Client Help System

A comprehensive client help system is provided.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Online Help

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Online Help2


we-do-IT can customise LatLonGO® to fit with specific client requirements, using our skilled iOS, Android and Windows 8 product development team.
A fully documented API is under development allowing qualified partners and customers to add their own customisations.

Global Support

Globally we-do-IT has qualified resources for ad-hoc support in all time zones.

A dedicated full-time development team of global resources is in place for on-going product development and maintenance SLA.

This support network is augmented by local partner resources.

Server installation/training effort is minimal, client functionality self-explanatory.

LatLonGO field operations


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