The latest version of LatLonGO has been released… Now available on your smart phone!

We have been busy making our ERP mobility solution even better!

What’s New in Version 3.1
•App compatibility with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung S6 and Samsung Note 4 (smaller form factors as required)
•SAP integration
•Upgrade to HERE SDK Premium 3.0
•Search now includes Internals/Schematic world
•Improved GPS follow functionality
•Redline Tracking
•Redline Undo
•Editing of Redlines note text
•Measurement sharing
•Internals/Schematics sharing
•Attributes information available for GeoRSS events
•Improved Help
•cableScout cable management support
•GE Physical Network Inventory (PNI) support
•Additional improvements

Click here to download the newest version of LatLonGO now.

LatLonGO SIBA Awards

we-do-IT wins the Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Victorian Spatial Excellence Export Award

Friday 26th September 2014 – Media Release

we-do-IT wins the Spatial Industry Business Association (SIBA) Victorian Spatial Excellence Export Award for LatLonGO®, a GIS agnostic SAP Certified ERP Mobility Solution.

The Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards (VSEA) celebrate the achievements of top spatial information enterprises and show cases the finest projects that the Victorian Spatial Industry has to offer. we-do-IT® was invited to showcase LatLonGO® as one of the outstanding achievements.
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Movilizer and we-do-IT become technical partners and offer major added value for customers

17 October 2014 , From –

Movilizer and we-do-IT have announced a technical partnership. From now on the Movilizer Platform and the we-do-IT LatLonGO® app will support each other and create synergies for users interested in both functionalities. The integration brings forth that the solution is an open strategic option for enterprises in Utilities and Telco or any company that wants to empower its field services with GIS information. This application integration between Movilizer and LatLonGO® brings competitive advantages for its users in the fast changing business world.

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Intergeo 2013

Our delegate was pleased with the high level of interest when presenting the launch of the company to Europe to potential customers and business partners at this year’s Intergeo in Essen.

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