• any GIS data – interoperability
  • from any server (cloud or in-house) – flexibility
  • to any client (iOS, Android, Windows) native or web, tablet or phone
  • by anyone (simplicity)
  • at any time (sometimes connected)
Mobile GIS LatLonGO Architecture

any data

LatLonGO® comes bundled with HERE Maps, but also supports the customer’s own base maps (ie State cadastre).

Additional overlays can be extracted by spatial, theme or project-based criteria.

The transparent tile layering approach allows for easy inter-operability between proprietary data formats using ‘external’ layers.

The tile format is industry standard.  Layers can be generated directly from SAP (Notifications & Workorders).

Special extractors have been developed for Smallworld, ESRI and spatialNET to preserve the source GIS symbology without loss of cartographic quality.

The extractor performs in multi-node parallel processing mode to minimise tiling times of very large geographic areas down to very low zoom levels.

The parallel processor is only limited by the number of GIS licences or available server hardware.

LatLonGO Mobile GIS Smallworld

any server

LatLonGo can leverage the large offering of specialised cloud services available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to allow for seemingly limitless processing and storage scalability – or ‘elasticity’ in AWS terms.

Many utility companies still have security concerns about off-site hosting so we have designed the LatLonGO® server to be universal and deploy-able in-house.

any time

The client/server architecture allows for sometimes connected mobile app state and incremental updates from office data stores and servers through mobile server connectors.

LatLonGo GIS Anytime

any client

LatLonGO provides for simultaneous native app iOS, Android, Windows and web client support.

The mobile clients consume compressed and AES256 encrypted data “on-the-fly” without un-packing the data to the device providing the highest degree of efficiency and security while the Couchbase NOSQL web server supports 10,000+ concurrent web client requests.


“Simplicity by Design” is key philosophy for LatLonGO to support complex back-end business processes in the field.


Red Hat Business Partnership

With more than 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies using Red Hat products and solutions, LatLonGO is designed to take advantage of their proven flexibility and stability.

The LatLonGO server runs exclusively on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Red Hat Partner


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