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for Utilities, Telcos & Government

Spatial Enterprise Resource Planning

Business Benefits

  • Significant Truck Roll reductions
  • Improved wrench times
  • End-to-end business process flows
  • Minimal operator training time, easy-to-use touch client interface
  • Better informed and more productive work force
  • First Mobile GIS App in Asia-Pacific Certified by SAP
Mobile GIS LatLonGO
  • Complete office-to-field GIS & ERP & DMS integration
  • ERP Work Order, Notification, Equipment, Functional Location and Operations
  • Integrated Planned & Unplanned Outage Management
  • Map-centric business object selection, no database structure knowledge required
  • Dynamic data feeds (outages, customer-off-supply, weather, etc…)
  • Redlining instantly shared with the office
  • One-click-access to associated documents (work instructions, manuals, OH&S)
  • 100% on/off-line availability

LatLonGO® is a complete ERP Mobility Solution for distributing Enterprise Data to mobile tablets, phones and web clients.

It is 100% GIS agnostic and supports a variety of GIS formats, cloud- or local-host based storage and it compresses and securely encrypts the data for mobile workers, allowing them to work on- and off-line (sometimes connected).

The product is positioned at the “low-cost, high-user-count” spectrum of the Mobility market providing simple review and redlining functionality in the field and sophisticated business system integration capability.

LatLonGO takes advantage of the superior enterprise grade HERE Maps location platform – factory fitted in 80% of US and European in-car navigation systems.

The LatLonGO® mobility solution is a powerful geo-centric mobile integration platform to any other enterprise information system – enabling the Spatial Enterprise.

Mobile GIS are not ‘just’ a replacement for paper maps any more – they are a logical extension to highly stream-lined office based business process scenarios with ~80% of all Corporate data having a spatial component.

To be successful, Mobile GIS have to be entirely business benefit- and not just technology-driven. LatLonGO® fills this void and is fast becoming the benchmark for mobile and web client integration with GIS, ERP, CIS, OMS, DMS, SmartGrid and other vital business systems.

The number of mobile devices in circulation have surpassed the world’s population with a rapid acceleration in iOS, Android and Windows10 tablet up-take. Tablets are fast becoming popular in Utilities and Telcos for field use, United States Military Standard MIL-STD-810 certified cases transform consumer tablets into fully ruggedised, yet lightweight tablets at 10% of the legacy ruggedised laptop cost. The biggest Mobility acceptance challenge for the field work force is the handling of complex business process flows through intuitive software running on low-cost ruggedized tablets.

The ‘simplicity by design’ philosophy extends into sophisticated business processes by providing a Certified SAP Mobility interface to NetWeaver Gateway and SAP Plant Maintenance and Planned Outage use cases.

In addition, dynamic GeoRSS layers for Unplanned Outage scenarios are supported – for example, customers off-supply, network section/switch status, weather events, …